Winding-Down: June 3, 2024

TAG Heuer Updates The Aquaracer Professional 300


Xavier Markl for Monochrome:

TAG Heuer once again expands and updates the collection, with several new Aquaracer Professional 300 Date and Aquaracer Professional 300 GMT versions, powered by new proprietary movements and featuring appealing new dials.

The Aquaracer line continues to receive iterative updates that make this a more appealing option with each year that passes. New COSC movements with an 80 hour power reserve, 1mm shaved off of the case size, .5mm off it's thickness, and new wave dials that, honestly, give Omega a run for their money.


Coke, Root Beer, or Sprite?


Roberta Naas at A Timely Perspective has whipped up a fun, and quick, read about the Rolex nick-naming conventions, speciafically those named for "fizzy" drinks.

Omega Presents A New Speedmaster Chronoscope for the 2024 Summer Olympics


Lee Sheng for Revolution:

The Chronoscope, which debuted three years ago, is a modern watch that combines several fan-favorite traits from the past. Most importantly, it brings back the triple-scale design, featuring a “snail” marking that allows readings of the tachymeter, telemeter, and pulsometer. This element was common on many Omega chronographs in the 1940s. The revived triple-scale is paired with the famous Speedmaster case with “lyre” lugs that originated in the 1960s.

I am on-record as being less than a fan of the Speedy. In fairness, it's the "Moon Watch" I'm not keen on. This Chronoscope, however, really tickles my fancy. While it is a special edition for the 2024 Paris Olympics - which I'm not terribly hyped about - Omega managed to keep this release devoid of off-putting references to the partnership. The only markings that separate this from others is the "Paris 2024" stamping on the caseback.

At nearly $10k for the steel version and north of $50k for the Moon Shine Gold version, I think a Tissot Telemeter 1938 might be more my "Speed". See what I did there?

A Guide to Every Seiko Brand

all-seiko-brands-explained-feature-1750x986.jpg.webpPhoto from Time & Tide

Time & Tide have put together an extensive, comprehensive, guide to every Seiko brand and what sets them apart from one another. It's a long read, so I'm including this one today as more of a reference you may want to save to your bookmarks.

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