Winding-Down: June 4, 2024

This Year’s Oris Hölstein Edition is Here


Brett Braley from Worn & Wound:

The Hölstein Edition 2024 stands out with its distinctive design, marking the first time Oris has ventured into a full black-on-black aesthetic. The watch features a 40mm stainless steel case, bezel, and crown, all plated in black DLC. The hands, hour markers, dial text, date wheel, and lume are also rendered in black, complementing the overall monochromatic theme. The modern design is completed with a black rubber strap and a black-DLC-plated buckle.

All black everything, indeed. I'm a massive fan of "murdered-out" gear and vehicles—it's pure badassery. Plus, Oris is doing something a bit different here—definitely unexpected. Then again, a black dial with black markers, black hands, black lume, and black markings is unexpected in any watch, mostly because it’s like trying to read a clock in a coal mine at midnight. I dig this piece, limited to 250, for its avant-garde take on timekeeping, but at my age—post two cataract surgeries—this LE from Oris is a young man's game.

Breitling Presents A Unique Chronomat with NBA Athlete Giannis Antetokounmpo, And More


Brief summary of the full article from Revolution:

Breitling has teamed up with NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo to create limited-edition Chronomat timepieces that scream "MVP." Among them, a one-of-a-kind Chronomat B01 with a striking green dial honors Antetokounmpo's Milwaukee Bucks championship win. The watches, featuring his initials and a basketball emblem, are as stylish as a slam dunk, with only 1,750 GMTs and 250 gold B01 chronographs available. Breitling's CEO, Georges Kern, gushed over the collaboration, emphasizing how Giannis' personal flair and spirit were captured in the designs. For a final touch, the GMT model flaunts Antetokounmpo's signature on the caseback, adding a personal note from the "Greek Freak" himself in the special-edition packaging.

While I’m not exactly an NBA aficionado—by that, I mean I couldn’t name a single current player if my life depended on it—I’m surprisingly smitten with this watch. The green shade they’ve used is so gorgeous it might just make me a Bucks fan by association. It's fantastic to see Breitling making these bold moves... (cough, cough. Universal Geneve! cough, cough.)

Promaster takes to Land, Air & Sea


Wrist Watch Review (paraphrasing here):

To celebrate 35 years of the Citizen Promaster line, Citizen is launching a fresh take on 3 of its models. The latest additions include the Promaster Sea Fujitsubo, inspired by the 1977 Challenge Diver, which famously kept ticking after being lost at sea for years. Also new are the Promaster Air Skyhawk A-T, perfect for aviation enthusiasts with its Eco-Drive movement and atomic timekeeping, and the Promaster Land model, featuring camo patterns and multifunctionality. Each watch is part of Citizen's 35th anniversary celebration, with the Diver priced at $1,195 and limited to 4,500 pieces worldwide.

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Jamie Larson