Winding-Down: May 16 2024

Zulu Alpha Straps Connery Belt


The Grey Nato podcast dropped an episode on us watch-nerds today and my biggest takeaway from the episode (aside from wanting to travel more) was this beautiful Bond-style belt from Zulu Alpha. I've been a fan of their straps for sometime now, though admittedly their shipping expenses keep me from pulling the trigger. Similarly, there is a barrier to entry with the Connery Belt since it comes in at a whopping $210 USD before shipping. As of now, the site reads "Coming Soon" and according to our friends at TGN should be available for purchase tomorrow, May 17, 2024. I'm not the biggest fan of Bond-style nato straps but this belt looks incredible. Certainly a solid IYKYK flex.

Hamilton X Air-Glaciers SE


Crafted with direct input from the Air-Glaciers helicopter pilots, the project is a celebration of Hamilton’s strong ties with rescue aviation.

Not a whole lot to say here other than this is a dope Special Edition from Hamilton. This Khaki Aviation features a titanium case, a super-cool seconds hand, a unique display caseback, and ships in Pelican Ruck Case R40 packaging. I think this watch was built for this sort of collaboration and Hamilton knocked it out of the park. Pricing is $1395 USD

The Seventies Called; You Forgot your Watch!


Available for pre-order later this month, The Amida Digitrend is a blast from the past. Originally released in 1976, the latest version features a LRD (Light Reflecting Display) and a jump-hour movement. If your not keen on its retro looks, you'd be forgiven, but I can't help but find myself drawn to its utility (made to be highly visible while driving), and its sleek retro lines reminiscent of an era of vehicles long gone.

Whether you're in the market for a $3200 USD retro-styled drive watch or not, the technology being utilized here is intriguing and certainly a welcomed breath of fresh air. I look forward to seeingg this one in wrist shots.

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Jamie Larson