Winding-Up: May 31, 2024

New Release: Isotope x Revolution Mercury Limited-Edition Watch


Jamie Morton for A Blog to Watch:

While the watch looks like mercury with its silvery, polished stainless steel finish, it draws inspiration from other meanings of the word as well, including the Roman god Mercury, also known in Greek mythology as Hermes, and the bullet-shaped Mercury train designed by mid-century architect Henry Dreyfuss. Isotope has nicely incorporated Mercury’s eponymous muses into the watch, starting with the most obvious, the dial.

I have always appreciated Isotope's unique design languages and fun themes. They seem to bring a bit of whimsy to the watch world that doesn't take itself too seriously while still creating serious watches. This model and the collab with Revolution takes it to a new level. I am not a dress watch "person" nor do I typically fawn over watches that make time-telling a challenge but in this case... I am head-over-heels in love. The details on the crown and the logo at 12 o'clock are just icing on the Mercury cake.

PSA: Do not consume Mercury. Consult your doctor if you think your cake has been frosted with Mercury Icing.

First Look The Brutalist Audemars Piguet [Re]Master02


Xavier Markl for Monochrome:

Quirky and disruptive, the Audemars Piguet [Re]Master02 ref. 15240SG is a polarizing design that will be appreciated by some and disliked by others. In any case, it will be an attention grabber on the wrist. I find it genuinely intriguing and recommend that you go hands-on with this unconventional model if only to check it out in person.

As an individual greatly interested in design and architecture, I find the brutalist genre to be one of my favorite. While seemingly simple, it is a design language that takes an incredible amount of discernment to execute at a high level. The asymmetry of the [Re]Master02 is so spot on in such a way that allows the eye to travel freely around the case and dial without feeling jarring in any way. A unique watch to say the least, if not cost-prohibitive.

Bamford x NeproSolar Pre-order


Continuing on with the "Brutalist" design theme... Bamford x NeoSolar have launched pre-orders for a much more attainable watch that infuses a bit of modern-brutalist design into a retro timepiece to bring it up to speed with the 2020's. It reminds me a bit of the Amida Jump-Hour or even the Bulova Computron except it's got that Bamford flair you just can't seem to get anywhere else. Pre-orders can be placed on the BamfordLondon site and will cost you a reasonable £582.50/742.64 USD.

Junghans Meister Pilot Takes Flight


I am a huge fan of Pilot's watches, or at least the idea of them. This release from Junghans looks every bit of incredible from the small seconds at 6, to the extended date window at 12, and especially to the thin scalloped bezel. What I can do without, however, is the Junghans italicized script at 9 o'clock. It seems like someone on the team would have said "but that's CW's thing...". It's enough to make me pass on this particular model in hopes they continue to make these in the future without this design "feature".

Credor's Locomotive Reissue: a Tribute to Gérald Genta

Credor Locomotive Limited Edition_002.jpg

From Time & Tide:

In celebration of Credor’s 50th anniversary, the brand is re-issuing one of its most important watches, the Gérald Genta-designed Locomotive, in a limited edition of 300 pieces.
The Locomotive model became a symbol of the friendship between Genta and Seiko. The name was chosen by Genta to reflect the power of a moving train and the French concept of a "driving force", in the hope that it would drive Credor ahead and, by extension, lead Seiko into the future.

Listen, I love Gerald Genta as much as the next watch enthusiast, but they can't all be hits. This one is a hard pass for me, solely on the case shape and bracelet at the lugs. That said, I can still appreciate what is being offered here; Historically significant design, a 38mm titanium case, classic Genta screws along the bezel, 100m of WR, and a magnificent engraved dial. It's also a pleasure to see Credor in the watch news cycle for once.

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